Our Story

Meet Hope and Dave

Our Wedding Day: May 4, 2013

Our Wedding Day: May 4, 2013

Dave is 6′ 4″ and Hope is 5′ 3″. Dave loves sports, Hope loves music. Dave eats black olives, Hope eats hummus. Dave has spent the majority of his life in the Southeast. Hope grew up everywhere thanks to being an Army brat. Dave has three sons from his first marriage, Hope was unable to have children due to infertility. Separately for over ten years, we walked similar paths. When we married the first time, we both intended for it to be forever. It wasn’t meant to be for either of us.

We both began working at the same organization within months of each other. Our jobs required us to work together, and through that working relationship we discovered that we had some things in common. A friendship began. One of us was in a dating relationship at the time, and the other wasn’t interested at all in dating anyone, so for quite a while the fire remained unlit. That changed one July day when we decided to go out on our first date, with both of us making sure that it was on the terms of “just friends”. “Just friends” turned into another date, then into a kiss, then into falling in love.

The proposal came at a Christmas parade in Tennessee. Dave’s three sons, Julian, Isaac, and Nathan had a part in this big night and helped ask the question “Will You Marry Us?”. We were married in a small ceremony overlooking Lake Tillery. Through the process of the death of a first marriage, period of healing, hope and a very unlikely friendship…..a new life began. Our life began as husband and wife, and by turning the crockpot to “on” we also began the lifelong journey of “slow-cooking” our new family to perfection.

The Proposal

The Proposal




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